Current Records

Highest Home Attendance

27,500 Middlesbrough 7/2/70 FA CUP 5th Round


(Some records show the 1957 fa cup tie against Birmingham as 27,500 but the local paper at the time gave it out as 24,908 and Paul Harrison's book (2008) shows it as 27,164)


Lowest Home Attendance


716 Harrogate Town 14-11-2023 Bristol Street Motors Trophy


Biggest Win

8-0 Hartlepool 1-9-28


Biggest Defeat

1-11 Hull City 14-1-39


Most League goals

Jimmy McConnell 126 + 7 Fa Cup

* Paul Harrison's book (2008) has him at 124 if you add all the goals up in the columns but lists him as 126 in the stats at the back of the book 

The discrepancies surround two goals 1 in 1930-31 which is listed as David Hutchinson scoring and 1 in 1931-32 which is listed as a Samuel Ames goal 


Keith Wild's book (1984) has him at 126 most records show him 126 


One goal against Wigan Borough before they folded also does not count officially 


Most League Appearances

Alan Ross 466 (1963-79)

31 Fa Cup Appearances

35 League Cup Appearances

4 Anglo Italian

2 Watney Cup

4 Anglo Scot 


Total 542



Record Transfer fee Paid

Luke Armstrong's transfer in January 2024 is officially undisclosed but local press understands its broke our record 


Joe Garner £140,000 from Blackburn 10-8-07

(Kevan Hurst's transfer August 2009 would have risen to £145,000 with a certain number of Appearances but he never did reach it)


Record Transfer fee

Received Joe Garner £1.14 Million to Nottingham Forest 25-7-08 (Club only received £640,00 as £500,00 went to previous club Blackburn due to a sell on fee)

Matt Jansen was also £1 Million (would have been more but sell on fee's was waived by Knighton) Some records show it as 1.2 million 

and Rory Delap rose to similar with sell on fees but exact figures unknown


Most International Caps whilst Playing for Carlisle United 

Reggie Lambe 5 Bermuda 2016-2018

Hallum Hope had six for Barbados whilst at United but two were wiped from the records as he hadn't been correctly registered 

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